K-Pop Fans Are Stanning The Security Staff At “KCON 2022 LA”

“Their fandom name is gu4rd.”

Recently, KCON 2022 LA was held after much anticipation! The lineup was out of this world, and K-Pop fans were excited to see their favorite groups.

Yet, they left stanning an unexpected group…

TikToker Zachary Mendoza shared a video on behalf of his friend. It showed security staff from KCON 2022 LA greeting the crowds in attendance. But they went above and beyond as they even did aegyo, throwing up finger-hearts and more!

One of the men even stopped to take a selfie with the K-Pop fans! The fanservice was so remarkable that Mendoza joked he “might stan.”

The video has gone viral with 379.7K views, and 84.6K likes at the time of writing.


Vid credit to my friend who doesn’t have Tiktok who wanted me to post this #kcon #kconla #kconla2022 #bestmomentswithkcon #kcon2022la #kep1er #up

♬ Up! – Kep1er

Netizens are now stanning the KCON‘s security team after their “debut.” Some are jokingly referring to them as NCT Hollywood, while others are coming up with original names.

| @thezachmendoza/TikTok

| @thezachmendoza/TikTok

On the other hand, some revealed the context for the video! You may have heard of the K-Pop girl group STAYC. Well, KCON worker, Stacy had been joking about being so famous she was at KCON, and the security joined in on it!

| @thezachmendoza/TikTok

We stan Stacy and the security, otherwise known as STAYCURITY!

Another POV has been going viral lately with over 80K views. Check it out below.


this was too funny #kcon #kcon2022 #kconla #ive #afterlike #kconla2022 #kcon2022la

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Source: thezachmendoza

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