K-Pop Fans Shower BLACKPINK’s Jennie With Positivity After Her Interview Attracts Haters

Fans are divided in their thoughts about her statement.

BLACKPINK’s interview with Hits 97.3 radio program SOFLO Morning Show gained much attention from K-Pop fans due to Jennie’s statement about “opening the doors for other artists to spread their music.”

Some fans felt that there were already other K-Pop artists that “paved the way” for K-Pop to the world and that was how BLACKPINK had the opportunity to make it globally.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Many began to spam Jennie’s Instagram account with comments asking what doors they have paved when it was already paved for them by someone else.

Others left comments showing all the other K-Pop groups that have stated that BTS had paved the way for them, giving them the opportunity to go overseas.

While many criticized her statement, others showed support to the group, stating that she did not try to discredit anyone and that their group has been genuinely working hard in order to get where they are today.

They felt that fans had gone too far in that BLACKPINK has worked hard in their own way to try and become an influence to others.

Fans argue that “paving the way” means to make progress and make it easier for others. What do you think about BLACKPINK’s statement and how did you interpret it?

Watch the full interview below!