K-Pop Fans Think These 6 Idols Are The Best Girl Group Main Vocalists In History

They’re all absolute powerhouses 💪

While pretty much every K-Pop group has a main vocalist among their lineup, not all main vocalists are created equal. There are some singers who just stand out in the industry in general, not just in their group but as a representative for all K-Pop idols.

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Recently, a post was made on an online forum asking fans which idols they think are considered the best main vocalists of any K-Pop girl group. Six women were named in the post, and you can’t deny that all of them are definitely legendary!

The first idol mentioned is Ock Joohyun.

Ock Joohyun | DSP Media

Joohyun debuted with Fin.K.L in 1998 under DSP Media, making her a legend of the first generation of K-Pop. She was the main vocalist in the vocal-focused group, and though they disbanded in 2005, she went on to have a successful career as a solo artist afterwards.

The second female artist on the post is Bada.

Bada | SM Entertainment

Bada is also an icon from the first generation of K-Pop, debuting with S.E.S in 1997 as their leader, main vocalist, and main dancer. The group disbanded in 2002 (though they later reunited 2017 for their 20th reunion), and Bada went on to be a successful singer-songwriter, actress, musical actress, composer, and many other impressive achievements.

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Taeyeon.

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) | SM Entertainment

Though she debuted nearly 16 years ago as the leader and main vocalist of Girls’ Generation, her career as a singer hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down! She debuted as a solo artist in 2015, and since then has released ten albums and dozens of singles. Her most recent album is INVU, which came out in February 2022.

Another well-known powerhouse that was listed on the post is Hyolyn.


Hyolyn debuted with an impressive number of positions — leader, main vocalist, lead dancer, lead rapper, and face of the group — of SISTAR in 2010, who she stayed with until 2017 when they mutually disbanded. She debuted as a solo artist in 2013, and has gone on to release iconic hits such as “One Way Love”, “Lonely”, “Dally”, and many others. She also started her own label, Bridʒ, in 2018, and also participated as a soloist on Queendom 2 in 2022.

An idol who is still an active member of their K-Pop group is Eunji.

Eunji (Apink) | IST Entertainment

Eunji debuted as the main vocalist and face of the group of Apink in 2011, whose most recent album, SELF, came out just last month on April 5. After this, Eunji was the only member of the group that renewed her contract with IST Entertainment, though they stated that team activities would continue. Eunji debuted as a solo artist in 2016 and has released five EPs since then, including her most recent album, Log, which came out just last November.

Finally, the last main vocalist that was mentioned on this post is Solji.

Solji (EXID) | C-JeS Studios

Though she debuted as the leader and main vocalist of EXID in 2012, Solji had already solidified her position as a skilled singer from being a member of ballad duo 2NB from 2006-2010 as well as having a career as a vocal trainer. She has won multiple singing competitions in her time as an idol, including being the first winner of King of Masked Singer as well as the only person to win the show twice.

Based on a lot of the comments on the post about these six talented singers, most people seem to agree that they rank at the top of the best main vocalists in K-Pop groups. A couple of others mentioned multiple times include f(x)‘s LunaRed Velvet‘s Wendy, and The Grace‘s Lina.

Do you agree with this list too?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa