K-Pop Fans Vent Their Frustrations That Rookie Group TREASURE Has Gone Almost A Year Without A Comeback

It has been 330 days since their last comeback.

Usually when a K-Pop group first debuts, their schedules seem to be packed with promotions, comebacks, and all kinds of other activities to get their name out to the public. It’s a critical time in a group’s career, after all, and a lot of their future success can depend on their initial reputation.

TREASURE’s career began this way. Debuting on August 7, 2020, with the single album The First Step: Chapter One and massively popular title song “BOY”, the group continued to have frequent comebacks for a while. Their second single album, The First Step: Chapter Two, came out just a little over a month later on September 18, and the third, The First Step: Chapter Three, took another month and a half to be released on November 6.

Their momentum seemed to only be continuing into 2021 when they came out with their first full-length album, The First Step: Treasure Effect, on January 11. It was this, however, that still remains their last comeback, and it has now been almost a year since.

K-Pop fans on Reddit recently started a discussion on this topic, venting their frustrations of the lack of content produced by TREASURE. Of course, it isn’t the group’s fault at all, but rather, the blame is being put on YG Entertainment, which has had a track record for this kind of treatment with their artists.

The most well-known example is probably BLACKPINK. While the group started off with relatively frequent comebacks, it has become almost expected to go over a year without new releases from the girl group, despite their immense popularity.

WINNER was in a similar situation when they first debuted as well. They released their first album, 2014 S/S, in August of 2014, and it wasn’t until nearly a year and a half later that they came out with their next album, Exit: E, in February 2016. Some fans believe that this greatly hindered their success as a group, despite having very talented members.

While there have been rumors of a comeback from TREASURE for a while, none have come through, and it seems that it won’t be until 2022 that the group will release new music. Though part of this could be due to the fact that multiple members contracted COVID-19 this year, it still seems odd for them to have gone (as of today) 330 days since their last comeback.

Here’s what some fans have to say about the hiatus on the Reddit post.

“How can you go from FOUR releases back to back in 5 months (C1 August, C2 September, C3 November, TE January), to none in a whole year?”

“I don’t understand it because YG promoted Treasure as a traditional boy group with lots of content and a large fanbase. It’s like they want to have their cake and eat it too. You can’t promote Treasure as a regular BG and then barely release music. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Remember that treasures debut came years after it was supposed to they don’t get in a hurry for anything. Wonder when we’ll get that gg debut that’s been promised for like 2 years now.”

Hopefully fans of this talented rookie group will get their highly-awaited comeback before too much longer!

Source: Reddit