K-Pop Fans Are Using XXXTentacion’s Death To Promote Their Bias

Everyone began criticizing K-Pop fans for their behavior.

XXXTentacion was an American rapper who first got his start through SoundCloud, where he earned millions of listens per song he produced.


He eventually found mainstream fame when his album “?” hit No. 1 on Billboard 200 this March.


News reports stated earlier today that XXXTentacion was murdered during a drive-by shooting in Florida. Videos of his body was uploaded by various witnesses.


He was awaiting trial at the time for his domestic violence charges, where he horrifically beat, strangled, and threatened his pregnant girlfriend multiple times. He was also facing charges for false imprisonment and witness tampering.

XXXTentacion was also alleged to be homophobic and to mistreat his fans.


After learning about his death, controversial tweets arose where K-Pop fans used memes of their biases to joke about his death.


K-Pop fans used GIFs and images of K-Pop idols with guns to tweet about the incident.


They specifically used their biases names and images to make light of XXXTentacion’s death.


The tweets were heavily criticized for being “disrespectful” towards XXXTentacion’s death, no matter how controversial the rapper may have been.


The controversial tweets put K-Pop fans in a bad light as a whole.


Other K-Pop fans also found the tweets disrespectful, criticizing those who made light of XXXTentacion’s death.

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