The Fifth-Generation K-Pop Idol From A Small Label That Netizens Think Needs To Go Viral

“This guy is a legend lmao.”

It can be incredibly difficult for K-Pop groups from small labels to get any kind of attention or recognition in such a highly competitive industry. Some try to rely on just marketing and luck alone, which oftentimes doesn’t work out, but others try to get more creative and get their members seen through other means.

Sometimes, this leads to one or more members of a K-Pop group getting styled in an eye-catching, unconventional way that people can’t help but talk about. And that has been the case for rookie idol Jo of DXMON.

Jo (DXMON) | SSQ Entertainment

Jo has been, arguably, almost single-handedly getting DXMON into the public eye due to his dramatic hairstyle. The boy group comes from the label SSQ Entertainment, home only to one other K-Pop group, woo!ah!.

He’s the maknae of DXMON, born on February 4, 2008, making him only just 16 years old (and 15 at the time the group debuted on January 17 this year).

The kind of hairstyle that Jo has been styled in for all of the group’s promotional activities is rare in K-Pop, especially these days when visuals are so highly discussed and criticized in the industry.

| SSQ Entertainment
| SSQ Entertainment
| @DXMON_SSQ/Twitter

Even in the group’s more aesthetic or traditional photos, Jo has the same spiky red hair that has to take ages to style!

| @DXMON_SSQ/Twitter
| @DXMON_SSQ/Twitter
| @DXMON_SSQ/Twitter

One other member of the group, Hee, has been given some colorful hairstyles, but the other four members of DXMON almost look like they could belong in a completely different group with how “normal” their styling is.


Jo’s hairstyle has been compared to a former style worn by TVXQ‘s Changmin back during the group’s Tri-Angle days when they debuted in 2004…

Changmin (TVXQ) | SM Entertainment

As well as the character Kirishima from the popular manga/anime My Hero Academia.

His appearance recently became a topic of conversation on an online forum, where the author of a post claimed that he deserves to go viral for his dedication to this intense styling. And a lot of commenters shared their support for the young K-Pop idol, though others also expressed concern as well.








How effective do you think this method of marketing is for lesser-known K-Pop groups?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa