Fans Voice Outrage Over A K-Pop Girl Group’s Heartbreaking Fear For Their First U.S. Tour

“Wtf who said that?”

K-Pop girl group TRI.BE are currently on their VIDA LOCA 2023 USA TOUR, where they’re delighting fans with their dynamic performances…

| @tribedaloca/Twitter

Stunning visuals…

And astounding skills.

As they tour, the members have continually taken to Twitter to express their gratitude for their fans’ support.

But as enjoyable as TRI.BE’s performances during their concert have been, one clip from their concert in Orlando, their first stop on tour, sparked outrage from fans as Kelly expressed her gratitude for fans showing up to support them.

In fact, Kelly mentioned that before they performed, “Someone told us no one is coming.

| @kieugoesmoo/TikTok 

Fortunately, the fans proved that someone wrong by showing up and screaming their enthusiastic support for TRI.BE. And the group expressed their immense gratitude that fans attended the concert.

| @kieugoesmoo/TikTok 

But fans were still understandably upset that the hardworking members of TRI.BE had been told that no one would come to their performances despite how diligently they had prepared.

One netizen even pointed out that while they weren’t previously knowledgeable about TRI.BE, this comment only makes them want to support the group.

And fans of TRI.BE are at least glad that the fans were able to prove the “hater” wrong.

You can watch the clip here.


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