New Photo Sparks Theory About YG Entertainment’s Upcoming New K-Pop Girl Group

Are you excited for a new YG Entertainment girl group?

With so many new K-Pop girl groups debuting in 2022 and quickly becoming popular, there have been growing expectations that YG Entertainment will be debuting their own new girl group this year as well.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, but fans have slowly been collecting information on the potential new girl group. For example, their presumed name is BABYMONSTERS due to YG Entertainment trademarking the name (as well as BAEMON).

BAEMON trademark

Along with this, two well-known trainees at the label — Vicky and Jane — were introduced in 2020 through the Chinese survival show Idol Producer3 and are supposedly going to debut as members of the upcoming group. They even introduced themselves using the name BABYMONSTERS, further proving their potential group name.

Jane and Vicky

There was news that YG Entertainment confirmed that their new girl group was supposed to debut near the end of 2021, but the date has since been moved to 2022 since no debut occurred.

A recent photo of what seem to be YG Entertainment trainees has surfaced now as well, and has fans speculating on the number of members that the group might have!

Photo of alleged YG Entertainment trainees

There appear to be seven girls in the picture heading towards the YG Entertainment building, which might indicate that the group will have seven members. It was rumored to have nine at one point, but never was confirmed.

There appears to be seven trainees total

We’ll likely continue to find out new information on YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group in the coming weeks and months, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Source: Instiz