The Rookie K-Pop Girl Group Drummer Whose Fancam Deserves To Go Viral

Her visuals while drumming are incredible!

K-Pop bands usually appeal to a more niche audience in the K-Pop industry, though there are undoubtedly many incredibly talented bands such as DAY6The Rose, and ONEWE.


Female bands are even less common than male ones, which is too bad, considering they could likely bring some new and unique music to the K-Pop scene!

Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

One fairly new K-Pop girl band to do just that is Rolling Quartz. They debuted as a five-member band under Rolling Star Entertainment in December 2020, with their member line-up consisting of AremIreeYeongeunJayoung, and Hyunjung.

Rolling Quartz | Rolling Star Entertainment

Each member specialized in a different aspect of the band: Arem is the bassist, Iree is the lead guitarist, Yeongeun is the drummer, Jayoung is the main vocalist, and Hyunjung is the rhythm guitarist.

| Rolling Star Entertainment

The group recently appeared on CON-TOUR, where they performed a remake of the Crying Nut song “Sing Your Heart Out”. And needless to say, they owned the stage.

One member in particular has caught the attention of netizens with her individual fancam from the performance: Drummer Yeongeun.

Yeongeun (Rolling Quartz) | Rolling Star Entertainment

It seems like it would be difficult to maintain a pretty face and flawless visuals while drumming so expertly, but she makes it look like a breeze in the fancam!

On a Reddit post sharing the video, people were quick to chime in with their awe and appreciation of the performance by Yeongeun.

Rolling Quartz definitely deserves a bigger fanbase because of how talented they are, and we hope to see more content like this from them in the future!

Source: Reddit