Meet Yoon Seoyeon, The First Member Revealed For Upcoming 24-Member K-Pop Girl Group TripleS

Their concept is definitely an unusual one.

If you thought that NCT was unmatched in terms of member numbers, upcoming K-Pop girl group tripleS is about to change your mind!

This group is being formed by Korean entertainment company MODHAUS and its CEO, Jaden Jeong. Jaden is most well-known for being the former creative director and music producer for LOONA, and has also worked for several other major K-Pop companies including JYP EntertainmentSM EntertainmentWoollim Entertainment, and more.

Jaden Jeong

TripleS is also planned to be the first K-Pop group to “combine the worlds of NFTs and K-Pop”, in which the members of tripleS will rotate between group, unit, and solo work based on fan choices. Fans will also reportedly be able to participate and communicate with the content of the group.

There is no debut date set for tripleS yet, but they have revealed the first member, Yoon Seoyeon, through an introduction video on YouTube.

Yoon Seoyeon | MODHAUS

Little is known about her so far, apart from that she was born in 2001 and is from Daejeon, South Korea. And of course, she’s totally adorable!

The concept for the group is certainly unique, and the “lore” of tripleS is described on their website as follows:

Among the girls inhabiting planet Earth,
there are some who hold special abilities.

We decided to call these girls with
special abilities, s.

s were living their lives oblivious of each other’s existence, now we will create a special team called tripleS through assembling s.

Through DIMENSION, the girls of tripleS join forces,
and demonstrate each of their abilities.

DIMENSION is recreated every season with new concepts.

Through Objekt, Masters deliver power to tripleS, and complete DIMENSION.

It’s unclear what exactly some of these terms mean yet, but it does further add to the evidence that fans will have some input on how the group develops. They also already have their own Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as an official Discord!

Homepage of the tripleS official website

Of course, there has been a lot of controversy over the use of NFTs among K-Pop artists, so only time will tell if this unique but potentially risky concept will be successful!

Source: tripleS Website