The K-Pop Group Who Beat NewJeans For 1st Place on SBS “Inkigayo”

It was a win-win situation.

Recently, a K-Pop group beat NewJeans for 1st place on SBS‘s Inkigayo—it was NewJeans themselves.

NewJeans | @sbsinkigayo_music/Instagram

On August 27, the music program Inkigayo had an impressive lineup of comebacks and debut stages. First, SM Entertainment‘s rookie group RIIZE took the stage with special stages of their songs “Siren” and “Memories.”


THE BOYZ also performed “Passion Fruit” from their 2nd full album [PHANTASY] Pt. 1 Christmas In August. 

THE BOYZ | @sbsinkigayo_music/Instagram

AKMU also showcased their new song “Love Lee,” and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon performed her new song “Picture”. In addition, SECRET NUMBER, xikers, EVERGLOW, XG, U-KNOW, ITZY, Jeon Somi, Jihyo of TWICE, and many others performed.

EVERGLOW | @sbsinkigayo_music/Instagram

The three nominees for 1st place on this episode of Inkigayo were STAYC for the song “Bubble” and NewJeans for their songs “Super Shy” and “ETA.”

2nd place was NewJeans’ “ETA,” but they also took 1st place with “Super Shy.”


As one of the triple title tracks from their 2nd mini-album, Get Up, “Super Shy” broke NewJeans’ previous records on global charts as soon as it was released, causing a worldwide sensation. The dance for “Super Shy” trended on social media platforms, such as Instagram reels and TikTok, making the song even more popular.

After receiving the 1st place trophy, NewJeans expressed gratitude for their fans, Bunnies, and everyone who helped them get this award.

Today was the last broadcast, and we’re happy that we can wrap it up well. Thank you to everyone who helped us. This album has six songs, and thanks to the Inkigayo production team who made it possible for us to perform all of them, and to everyone who helped with this album, thank you.

— NewJeans


Watch NewJeans’ encore fancam for “Super Shy.”


Source: Star News Korea