K-Pop Group PRISMA To Debut Next Month With 2 European Members

The group aims to create a “deep cultural link between Europe and Asia”

K-Pop agency UnionWave Entertainment has announced that their new group, PRISMA, is set to debut next month. The twist? PRISMA has two non-Asian members, both from Europe.

Founded in Switzerland in 2018, UnionWave Entertainment was formed with the aim to create a “deep cultural link between Europe and Asia“. After launching their first brand in Seoul this February, the company announced that they would be debuting a multinational five-member group with stars from Asian and European backgrounds.

| UnionWave Entertainment

Now, on September 1, UnionWave has announced the group’s name, debut date, and lineup. PRISMA will debut some time in October with a single and music video, featuring members from South Korea, the USA, Spain, and Italy.

| UnionWave Entertainment

While PRISMA was always intended to be a five-member group, the lineup has changed slightly since UnionWave Entertainment’s initial February 2020 announcement. Former member Chaerin (from South Korea) left due to health issues in June this year, while fellow ex-member Najeong left due to pressure and anxiety in August.

The girl group’s original lineup. | UnionWave Entertainment

Three members remain from the original lineup, the first being leader Gyeongmin (full name Gyeongmin Cho) from South Korea.

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Gyeongmin is 20 years old, and she used to be a model before joining PRISMA. As of right now, fans aren’t sure whether she’ll be a vocalist, dancer, or rapper in the group.

| @gm.prisma/Instagram

One of the new members, meanwhile, is Sally (full name Sally Lao).

| @sally.prisma/Instagram

21-year-old Sally is Chinese, but she was born in the USA, bringing another multicultural dimension to PRISMA. She’s expected to be part of the group’s dance line.

| @sally.prisma/Instagram

There is also a secret, yet unannounced member. According to a report from The Korea Times, the member is a 23-year-old Korean girl named Eunbyeol (full name Hyun Eunbyeol). Eunbyeol does have an Instagram account, but UnionWave Entertainment is yet to directly confirm whether she is PRISMA’s fifth member.

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The remaining two members of PRISMA are both Caucasian—a rarity in the K-Pop world.

| @unionwave/Instagram

The first is Nia (full name Daniela Lacave), an 18-year-old girl from Valencia in Spain.

| @nia.prisma/Instagram

Nia trained in singing for three years before joining UnionWave Entertainment, and she’s expected to be PRISMA’s lead vocalist and visual.

| @nia.prisma/Instagram

And the second is maknae Miriam (full name Miriam Lucca), a 16-year-old girl from Novara in Italy.

| @miriam.prisma/Instagram

Miriam is presumed to be the group’s main vocalist.

| @miriam.prisma/Instagram

Nia and Miriam won’t be the first European idols to grace the K-Pop stage. Lana, a soloist who debuted in June last year, is ethnically and nationally Russian. Lana also participated in China’s Produce Camp 2020 survival show, where she ranked #22 out of 101 contestants.

Lana | Tencent

However, Lana has faced large amounts of backlash from international K-Pop fans over the past year. So, it remains to be seen whether PRISMA will receive an equally negative reception upon debut, or whether they’ll pave the way for more non-Asian artists in K-Pop.

Lana | Mnet

To learn more about Miriam and Nia, check out UnionWave’s YouTube channel:

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Source: UnionWave, PrismaLive and The Korea Times