Tahiti Officially Announces Their Disbandment After 6 Years As A Group

After 6 wonderful years, the members have decided to part ways.

K-Pop girl group, Tahiti, has officially disbanded after 6 years of promoting as a team.


Tahiti’s leader, Minjae, notified fans of the news through an Instagram post of their decision to officially disband as a group.

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“Hello, this is Tahiti’s leader, Minjae. After a thorough discussion with our company and members, we have decided to part ways and start over again. I am very sad to inform this news the day after our 6th-anniversary celebration. I’ve had so many thoughts cross my mind before writing this post. My time as Tahiti’s Minjae has been filled with tears and laughter and was a beautiful and valuable memory for me. At first, being the leader of a team was extremely difficult. I thought it didn’t suit me. But thanks to our members and fans, I began gaining confidence and the Minjae that I am today is able to exist because of them. Thank you so much for your consistent support and love. Although our official promotions as Tahiti has come to an end, Tahiti will live forever in my heart! Our fans will always be Black Pearls to me. I will continue to pursue music and will do my best to shore more of myself to everyone. I will continue my life without forgetting all of these precious memories. I was so grateful for all the love I received. I bow my head in appreciation for it. Will you continue to love us? We will continue to communicate with everyone through SNS and show better aspects of ourselves. Please don’t ever forget Minjae! I love you, our/my fans forever.”


Tahiti’s maknae, Ari, and Jerry also left a farewell messages to fans.

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“Hello Everyone, this is Tahiti’s youngest sister Ari! It is with a sincere heart that I write to you all. After careful, consideration and much deliberation between our company and all the members of Tahiti, we have come to the decision of disbandment. I am very saddened and apologetic to breaking this news to all the Black Pearls around the world, only days after our 6th year anniversary. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported, inspired us through the years and stood by us in this difficult decision. Looking back at the last six years with our fans, I am very grateful and blessed but also very heartbroken, too you all. Through these years, even in the toughest times, I could never really expressed my gratitude and thankfulness, to all the fans worldwide! Through the abundant love and endless support from you all, we as a group could endure it all! Even though Tahiti as a group has come to an end and we all will be going our separate ways to start a new chapter in our lives. Going forward, you can expect new exciting things from me. I promise to work even harder and improve to show you a renewed version of myself! These years with Tahiti were undeniably precious and I take none of them for granted. To all the Black Pearls, thank you all for your undying support and love youve shown us as a group Tahiti. Also thank you, for always being on our side. We Love You, I Love You. I Promise, to be back soon to show you a all a new better improved Ari.”


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“Hello everyone. Yesterday was 6th anniversary for TAHITI. And I am so sorry for telling you this a day after. All members and company had a long conversation and we decided to disband. album weren’t released over 2years and our only performances were in Japan and several in abroad. I am so sorry that we cannot make it farther and sorry for that we cannot promise you to comeback. There were so much pains, tears and disappointments but in my 4years as Jerry in Tahiti, It is a beautiful memory because of you who supported me. I will never forget your supports, loves and expectations. I will stay as a singer as long as I could be. Jerry either Sohyeon. I cannot promise you anything for now but hope you can wait for me being on stage again. I cannot even describe how much I love my fans ..I love you so much and so sorry..”


Tahiti debuted in 2012 and has since released numerous songs including “Tonight”, “Phone Number” and more. The 5-member group was reduced down to 4 members after one of their members, Jisoo, stepped down from the team last December due to depression and panic disorder.


Fans have been showing their support despite the group’s disbandment and thanked the idol group for the wonderful memories in the past 6 years.

  • “I’ll continue to support you!”
  • “You did great.”
  • “You did great~!! I hope your future will be filled with bright days~~”
  • “Please take care and we’ll look forward to seeing you again!”
  • “Thank you for everything until now. I continue to support you even though you’ve graduated from Tahiti. Black Pearl forever!”
  • “You did great fighting!”
  • “Fighting!”
  • “I’ll continue to support all of you so don’t worry! We can always communicate through SNS. I will forever be a Black Pearl! We will continue to trust in you guys and wait for you! We love you!”
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