Rookie K-Pop Group TNX Unexpectedly Changes Their Name On Their One-Year Anniversary

It came out of the blue!

P Nation, the label run by PSY, debuted its first K-Pop boy group, called TNX, on May 17, 2022. The group consists of the top six competitors from the survival show Loud. The members include TaehunKyungjunHyunsooJunhyeok, Hwi, and Sungjun, and their debut album was WAY UP with the title track “Move.”

For a rookie boy group, TNX has done relatively well in terms of album sales. Their first album sold about 74k copies, while their second and most recent, Love Never Dies, sold nearly 90k. However, with the amount of publicity that the members got competing on Loud and being under a fairly well-known company like P Nation, one might expect them to be doing better.


It’s possible that their name, TNX, has been detrimental to their development. They’re not the first K-Pop group to have a three-letter acronym for their name, and there are a number of groups — such as NTXTXTTANNCT, and others— that are easy to get confused with each other.

NTX, not to be confused with TNX | Victory Company

TNX has always been short for “The New Six” (representing the group’s six members). Still, on the first anniversary of the group’s debut, it seems that they might be making that their official name based on some unexpected changes to their social media accounts.

They’re now going by The New Six on their Twitter and Naver accounts, with TNX included afterward.

While the change came out of the blue and was unexpected by fans, many approve of the apparent name change and hope that it will help them get more recognized in a sea of fourth-generation boy groups with three-letter names.

| The Qoo
  • “Hmm? They just changed it without saying anything?”
  • “I guess it was a shortened phrase like ZB1?”
  • “But I personally think The New Six is better than TNX..”
  • [deleted]
  • “I like the change. There are too many similar groups”
  • “It’s good that they changed it. TNX sounds similar to a lot of other idols”
  • “The team name was confusing, though. Alphabet ㅠ”
  • “But The New Six is pretty”

International netizens also seem to approve of the name change generally. However, some worry that including the number “six” in the name to represent their members will inevitably lead to a member leaving the group, as has happened to so many other groups that reference their member number in their name.

We hope that this name change does end up getting The New Six more recognition than the talented members definitely deserve!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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