Several K-Pop Groups Make Submissions For The “2024 Grammy Awards” But One Is Drawing Mixed Reactions

They would make history with an official nomination.

Winning a Grammy is considered a huge accomplishment for any musician. Due to K-Pop’s recent growth in popularity over the last few years, it should be no surprise that many artists submitted their work for consideration.

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While submissions are currently ongoing, more than a dozen K-Pop artists submissions have been made, including every member of BTS as an individual, TWICE, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN and NCT DREAM.


The increase in submissions would usually be considered a positive thing, but many netizens have mixed feelings about one of the groups included.

K-Pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY are included in the K-Pop submissions under several categories, with most being linked to their chart-topping hit “Cupid (Twin Version).”

FIFTY FIFTY | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

“Cupid” became a viral hit over the last year as the song was used in millions of videos across the web, even earning air time on US radio stations, Billboard chart rankings, and being featured of the Barbie movie soundtrack.

Because of this it makes perfect sense that the group would have their work submitted for consideration.

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However, the ongoing conflict between FIFTY FIFTY and their label ATTRAKT has many feeling unsure. In late June the legal trouble between the group, the song’s producers, and ATTRAKT surfaced, culminating in a lawsuit.

FIFTY FIFTY Vs ATTRAKT: The Full Story Behind The “Cupid” Conflict

International fans have showed staunch support for the group even as they lost the lawsuit and began the appeals process. The company recieved more criticism for releasing a complation album and for its “cheap” and “lazy” appearance.

On one hand, many fans are excited for the possibility of the group being officially nominated and winning a Grammy. They would be the first K-Pop girl group to be nominated for any music category.

On the other hand, many are upset that the group could earn another huge achiement they might not necessarily be able to enjoy due to the ongoing legal issues. Many claim that ATTRAKT and Warner Brothers Music are continuing to exploit the group.

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