K-Pop Hairstylists Reveal The Pains Experienced By Idols With Sensitive Scalps, And How They Endure It

Some celebrities will even take medication to help with the pain.

K-Pop idols frequently change their hair colors to match their album concepts, sometimes changing their hair multiple times within one promotion era! Bit & Boot CEO Park Naeju and stylist Hyein spoke about what some idols go through in order to get that dramatic look.

Park Naeju (left) and Hyein (right). | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

When asked which idols they think have the most sensitive scalps, they named NCT‘s Taeyong and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk!

“Who do you think has the most sensitive scalp?” | Dare U Naeju/YouTube

Park pointed out that Taeyong, who promotes within NCT as well as SuperM, changes his hair very often and that he often is in pain during the process.

Taeyong of NCT changes his hair very often. It hurts his scalp a lot when we bleach his hair. He even tears up. We feel bad for him when we do it.

— Park Naeju

Taeyong from NCT. | Dare U Naeju/YouTube  

Park explained that even though Taeyong experiences pain from the hair dyeing process, he endures it: “…if that’s what the concept is, he endures the pain.

| Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

For Minhyuk, Park said that the idol gets a rash on his skin from the hair dye — even if it doesn’t touch him!

For Minhyuk of MONSTA X, his ears and neck get a rash when the hair dye doesn’t even touch his scalp. That’s how sensitive his scalp is. When I first worked with him, I was like, ‘Not if it doesn’t touch his scalp,’ but he really did get a rash.

— Park Naeju

Park Naeju and Hyein talking about Minhyuk. | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Because of Minhyuk’s sensitive skin, the stylists have to take extra care to avoid any serious irritation. Hyein added that they use a scalp protectant to help make the process less painful. She said that some idols will even take medication when dyeing their hair bright colors!

| Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Despite the physical pain many idols have to endure to get their signature bold looks, they push through it for the sake of the concept, which is just another example of how dedicated they are to their profession.

“It’s not normal…they go through a lot.” | Dare U Naeju/YouTube 

Check out the full video below for more insights on K-Pop hairstyling!

Source: Dare U Naeju
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