K-Pop Hanbok Designers Explain How Fans Can Help Idols Get Chosen For Brand Endorsement Deals

Fans really can help their idols book more jobs.

The design team from modern hanbok brand Rieul has worked with some of the biggest idols in the game, from BTS to MONSTA X. In a new interview with AYO on YouTube, the pair revealed how fans can help their favorite idols score brand endorsement deals.

Five-year designer Kim Rieul and digital marketer Yoon Seo Jeong make up Rieul, one of the most highly-sought hanbok brands in the K-Pop industry. Riel has provided creative and beautiful hanbok suits to BTS, MONSTA X, CLC, Zico, and many more. Sometimes, they make outfits for performances. Other times, they make them for endorsement ads.

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Take Zico’s hanbok suit, for example. Kim Rieul revealed he made a unique suit in a bright blue fabric on the off chance that he’d be able to sell or loan it out, but couldn’t find anyone who actually fit in it. Then, one day, he got a surprisingly lucky call from Zico’s stylist at 1 a.m.

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The stylist told him that Zico had a CF shoot at 10 a.m. the next morning and that the advertiser—Pepsi—wanted him to wear a suitable hanbok suit. The color was perfect for the Pepsi brand, but the suit wasn’t made in Zico’s size. Kim Rieul had to stay up all night to get it to him on time, but the results were legendary.

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Since the Rieul team has a lot of experience with idol CFs and brand endorsements, who better to reveal something many fans wonder about: how can fans help their idols get more work? One AYO commenter asked, “What kind of idol gets chosen for a commercial? Do advertisers pick?

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Marketer Yoon Seo Jeong explained that in some cases, fans can actually be the driving force for brand deals and commercials. A persuasive message, she explained, can sway advertisers in the direction of popular idols.

She went on to explain further using SEVENTEEN as an example. Back in November 2018, both SEVENTEEN and NU’EST W were named joined endorsers for popular chicken restaurant chain Nene Chicken. If fans want their idols to shoot a chicken commercial, said Yoon, they often post screenshots of the members eating chicken deliciously online.

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If fans want their idol to shoot a commercial for something, they’d advertise them.

— Yoon Seo Jeong

Naturally, Yoon explained, “Advertisers get to thinking, ‘Oh, SEVENTEEN likes chicken’.” Over time, as fans build the image that a group or artist would fit well with a certain brand, Yoon says, “It can actually lead to a commercial“.

| Nene Chicken

I think that’s why image matters. If you make a story with a valid reason, wouldn’t your idol be chosen for a commercial?

— Kim Rieul

Source: AYO 에이요 (YouTube)