The K-Pop Idol-Turned-Actor Whose Visuals “Protected” Him From Dating Rumors

“I’ve heard that I look scary…”

With so many good-looking idols, it’s not surprising that dating rumors are always going around, especially when artists interact with each other. Even without any evidence, it wouldn’t be surprising if many idols had crushes on each other.

One idol who didn’t get into those rumors is Lee Jun Young.

Lee Jun Young | @real_2junyoung/Instagram

Along with his career as an idol in U-KISS, he has also made a huge career starring in some top K-Dramas and movies, including Imitation, Love And Leashes, and many more.


Considering how handsome and talented he is, it would be easy to assume that idols would have crushes on him or that he would be swept up in dating rumors. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth, and it was all because of his visuals.

Recently, Jun Young appeared in a video with Hong Seok Cheon.

During the video, Jun Young was speaking about getting into a romantic role. Hong Seok Cheon explained that it’s easier to do this if you have had experience, so he asked about the last time he was in love or had been hurt.

Lee Jung Youn explained that he found it hard to confess because he is an introvert.

He then went back to his idol days and explained that although there was a lot of talk about other idols crushing on each other, he never heard those about himself.

Jun Young adorably explained that he never had any female idols crushing on him, so he just assumed it was all a lie. In particular, he pointed out that it meant he didn’t have any stories to tell on variety shows.

Although Jun Young is very handsome, he explained that he was always seen to have an intense look when he was an idol, with some even saying that he looked scary.

However, he did add that the scary look didn’t stop people from wanting to be close to him, especially when it came to male idols wanting to be friends.

Considering how handsome he is, it sounds shocking that Jun Young’s expression meant he never heard about idols having a crush on him. Yet, it seemingly “protected” him from any dating rumors.

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