A K-Pop Idol Becomes The First-Ever Ambassador For A Major Construction Equipment Brand

She’s breaking new ground for K-Pop idols.

Recently, it was revealed that a K-Pop idol has been selected as the first-ever idol ambassador for a construction machinery brand.

| HD Hyundai Infracore

On November 10, HD Hyundai announced through its official Instagram that WJSN (Cosmic Girls) member Dayoung has been selected as the global ambassador, breaking new ground for idols.

WJSN’s Dayoung | @hd.hyundai/Instagram

In the post, Dayoung is seen holding the HD Hyundai employee badge with a miniature forklift in one hand. She commented on the post referring to the miniature forklift as the nickname “General.”

Dayoung’s comment in HD Hyundai’s Instagram post | @hd.hyundai/Instagram

General, hurry and grow up so we can dig together

— Dayoung


According to HD Hyundai, Dayoung has been selected as the ambassador for the construction machinery brand DEVELON, a brand of HD Hyundai Infracore.

They mentioned that Dayoung visited the HD Hyundai GRC headquarters, and she was pictured standing in front of a huge banner welcoming her.


HD Hyundai also mentioned how Dayoung obtained a “license for a small excavator.

She even obtained a small excavator license, fulfilling the ambassador qualification with a unique passion for #excavators!

— HD Hyundai


Dayoung recently gained attention through her YouTube channel’s content WorkDol, where she shared the process of acquiring an excavator license and her experience working part-time on a farm.

She obtained a license for a small excavator (under 3 tons) and showcased herself driving the excavator and working on a farm.

| @dayomi99/Instagram

In the video, Dayoung proved her proficiency in driving heavy equipment with her impressive skills, solidifying her position as the first idol ambassador for construction machinery.


Dayoung is a member of the girl group WJSN (Cosmic Girls) and has actively participated in various television programs such as Kick A GoalIdol League Season 4, and more.

Source: Wikitree and @hd.hyundai/Instagram

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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