K-Pop Idol Fitness Trainers Reveal The Diets They Prescribe To Girl Group Idols

“It’s true that they can lose weight when they eat abnormally small portions…”

Whether they’re preparing for debut or getting ready for a comeback, most female idols are expected to diet repeatedly throughout their careers. But how do they lose so much weight in such a short time? In a new “Comment Defenders” video on AYO‘s YouTube channel, two veteran idol fitness trainers revealed the diets they prescribe to girl group stars.

Between them, fitness trainers Jeong Yong and Yang Jae Woo have helped some of the biggest idols in the business get the perfect bodies. Alongside helping them with workouts, idol fitness trainers typically provide stars with diet plans to help their weight loss and body building along.

Yang Jae Woo is SEVENTEEN’s trainer | Weverse

During the “Comment Defenders” video, one commenter brought up some of the highly restrictive diets female stars have followed to lose “over 3kg in a week“. IU, for example, has been known to eat just one apple, three sweet potatoes, and a cup of protein milk per day.

Likewise, Secret‘s Hyosung once revealed a similarly strict daily diet plan: one banana, one glass of soy milk, and two boiled eggs.

While these diets may have helped them shift the pounds, Jeong Yong and Yang Jae Woo said they simply don’t make sense. According to Yang, the balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the diet plans is “awful“, and the portion sizes are too small. The trainer went on to say he wouldn’t prescribe idols with a diet like that unless it was on a short-term basis.

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Jeong agreed, noting that while idols can lose weight by eating abnormally small portions of food, they also need the energy to sing and dance. Of course, since they can’t spend all day on fitness training, he explained that it’s typical for stars to focus on controlling their diet.

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So what would they advise? Jeong says that fitness trainers don’t have a standardized diet for idols. Instead, they decide the plans “depending on the member’s condition“. For female stars, he explained that they start with a regime of 300 to 400g of carbs, 200g of protein, and 200g of fat, adjusting from there.

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And what types of foods are best? Jeong gave an example of the diet plan he devise for one of his star clients, Weki Meki‘s Yoojung: sweet potatoes, eggs, and almonds.

Netizens recently stated that Yoojung has become “unrecognizable” since her I.O.I days after losing weight.

On one episode of an SBS variety show, she admitted to losing 9 kilograms in just one month.

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Source: AYO 에이요 (YouTube)