A Former Second-Gen K-Pop Idol Is Set To Re-Debut In A Fourth-Gen Group At Age 35

She’s an ’87-liner!

YaYaYa is an upcoming pre-debut K-Pop girl group consisting of five members so far. Little is known about the group as of yet, but one of the members has received more attention than the others due to some unusual circumstances.


Song Minkyung is set to be the oldest member of the pre-debut group, and not by just a year or two. In fact, Minkyung is a former second-generation K-Pop solo artist who is planning to re-debut in this fourth-generation girl group at the age of 35!

Song Minkyung

Minkyung originally debuted as a solo artist in 2008 with the song “우린 안어울려요 (Urin Aneoullyeoyo),” but a year later she switched labels to Kiroy Y Group, where she started to go by the stage name JB (short for “Jolly Baby”, which was her original stage name).

She released a couple of songs as JB before changing companies yet again in 2012 to Core Contents Media, where she debuted as a member and leader of The SeeYa, which was a reboot of former K-Pop group SeeYa. She stayed with them until they disbanded in 2015.

In 2018, she re-debuted yet again as a new member of the already-established group TaesaBiae, which seemed to go on hiatus later that same year.

Song Minkyung

And now, Minkyung is planning to dive into the K-Pop industry yet again as a member of YaYaYa, though an official debut date has not yet been announced.

Song Minkyung

We admire Minkyung’s tenacity and determination as a K-Pop artist, and hopefully, this will inspire others to join or re-join the industry in their 30s or beyond!

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