K-Pop Idol Holland A Victim Of Homophobic Attack On The Streets Of Itaewon

Holland is the first openly gay K-Pop idol.

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

K-Pop idol Holland recently revealed that he was assaulted while in Itaewon.

K-Pop idol Holland | @holland_vvv/Instagram

Holland is a K-Pop artist who has gained attention for being the first openly gay K-Pop idol. Over the years, he has used his platform to be an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and shone a light on the discrimination those in the community face in Korea’s conservative society.

Through his songs, music videos, and social media, Holland has been a huge influence on the LGBTQIA+ society.

| HOLLAND/YouTube   

Although the world of K-Pop seems like an inclusive place, Korea is still a very conservative society

On April 6 (KST), Holland tweeted that the previous night, he had been a victim of a homophobic attack where someone in Itaewon assaulted him. In the tweet, Holland explained that he was walking around Itaewon with his manager and friend when he was called a slur.

Last night, I was walking around Itaewon with my manager and a friend. Suddenly, a stranger man approached me and hit me on the face twice, calling me ‘a dirty gay’. Now I have a scar on my face and I’m going to the hospital soon.

— Holland

| @HOLLAND_vvv/Twitter

In another tweet, Holland shared that the phrase used by the attacker made it an obvious hate crime. He also shared his sadness that in 2022, people are still subjected to violence due to their sexuality or being different.

This is obviously a hate crime. The fact that my sexuality as gay is public should never expose myself to this kind of violence. Nor any other LGBT+ and all elders, women and minorities in this world. This happening in 2022 shows the sad reality of LGBT+ human rights.

— Holland

Along with pictures of his injuries, the idol shared that he reported the incident to the police. He also shared his hope that by sharing the story, he wanted to raise awareness so that it wouldn’t happen again.

This should never happen to anybody in this world, no matter who you are. I wish our world is filled with more love and hope rather than hate and violence.

— Holland

| @HOLLAND_vvv/Twitter

Netizens flocked to the comments of Holland’s tweet to share their disgust about what happened to him and show their support for the idol.

Source: @HOLLAND_vvv

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