K-Pop Idol Managers Reveal Which Female & Male Idols Are The Best Looking In Real Life

After coming face to face with numerous idols, few know the best celebrity visuals as well as managers do.

Baek Kyung Jae and Nam Yoon Jae have been idol managers for several years, keeping track of everything from idols’ schedules to their overall condition. Naturally, over the years, they’ve come face to face with numerous stars as part of their job—so who better to name the best-looking idols in person during a new interview with AYO?

1. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

For male idols, Baek Kyung Jae didn’t waste any time in revealing his pick: ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. “I’m amazed every time I see him,” Baek gushed, stating that Eunwoo’s body is just as nice as his face.

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The manager even went as far as saying that if he had Eunwoo’s face, he’d stand in front of the mirror saying, “Always so new! Thrilling!

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As for female idols, Baek Kyung Jae says TWICE as a group are the most beautiful stars in person—and Nam Yoon Jae vehemently agreed. Baek explained that you get used to seeing good-looking idols working as a manager, but whenever the TWICE members walk by, he can’t help but turn his head to look at them. “I might get a disk problem in my neck!” he joked.

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Nam went on to say that his coworkers feel the same, struggling to agree on which member is the prettiest; “Tzuyu is so pretty,” “Mina is the prettiest for me,” “I love Nayeon,” they tell him. Nam Yoon Jae confessed that he gets “so silly” when he sees TWICE’s visuals in person, but he always makes sure to keep a poker face.

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Source: AYO