K-Pop Idol Faces Fierce Backlash For Promoting In Two Different Groups

Fans are blaming the member.

CIX’s Seunghoon has been suffering from malicious comments after debuting with the project group B.D.U.

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On July 8, he held a YouTube live broadcast with members Bae Jinyoung and Yonghee. While reading comments, Seunghoon replied, “Some people are leaving interesting comments. You guys are just thinking what you want to think, right?”

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How can I please everyone? Seeing comments like this makes me upset because I’m human, too. What can I do?

— Seunghoon

Some fans felt that he had neglected CIX’s group activities since debuting with the project group.

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Previously, Seunghoon participated in the Mnet audition program Build Up, became part of the final lineup, and debuted as B.D.U. The project group’s contract is set for two years and will begin a world tour in August.

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During the live broadcast, he hoped people would understand that the company and the group are aware and have many things planned.

I hope that many people understand this. I am currently promoting with B.D.U, but all the members are also members of existing groups, so we are able to do this project while still being members of other groups. I understand that some fans might think CIX isn’t making a comeback because of me, but it’s not true. The company has things planned and is preparing for something.

— Seunghoon

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Despite the criticism, he made sure to let fans know that he would work hard in both groups.

Of course I will work hard so that B.D.U does well, too. But don’t worry too much. Just think of it as the main character CIX’s Seunghoon and sub-character B.D.U’s Seunghoon. Of course, I will work equally hard for both groups.

— Seunghoon

Korean netizens felt that fans should take it up with the company instead of attacking the member.

Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “They should blame the company, why are they blaming him.”
  • “Aren’t they promoting without him since his other group’s activities are at the same time? They said it was possible to promote in both, but I wonder what’s wrong with the agency.”
  • “It seems like blaming the member instead of the company happens in every fandom.”
  • “So many trolls. The members must have a hard time.”
  • “Why are they blaming the member…”
  • “What the…this is the agency’s problem…it’s possible to promote in both, why are they blaming the member.”
  • “What are they doing? They need to report C9.”

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: instiz and xportsnews
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