Netizens Name The One Person That Comes To Mind As The “Female K-Pop Idol That Looks Like A Model”

“She has the looks, the height, the aura…”

While K-Pop idols generally are in a league of their own when it comes to beauty, not all of them have exactly what it takes to be a model. There is much more to modeling than just being pretty, and recently, netizens discussed which female K-Pop idol deserves the title of looking most like a model.

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The topic was discussed on an online forum, where a number of female idols were suggested by different people. However, there was one name that came up the most often, and was even the subject of the post in question, which many people agreed with.

The female idol who gives the most model-like vibes, according to this post, is Weki Meki‘s Doyeon.

Doyeon (Weki Meki)

To start with, she definitely has the height that most models are supposed to have, standing at 173cm (or about 5’8″).

Her facial features are, of course, stunning, but there’s something special about them that really gives off the “high-fashion model vibe” according to many.

It seems like she’s the kind of person who could pull off any look, no matter how unconventional or experimental. But she also looks stunning in more conventional outfits as well!

Unfortunately, Weki Meki as a group hasn’t had a comeback since November 2021, and fans are concerned that they might disband when it comes time for their contracts to expire next year. However, fans of Doyeon are hopeful that even if she stops pursuing a career as an idol, she could definitely make a name for herself as a model.

The other idol whose name came up multiple times on the post about which K-Pop idols have the most “mode-like” quality is Nana, though while she’s still considered the last remaining member of After School, she hasn’t been active as an idol for a while and is much more focused on her acting and modeling career. Doyeon was actually positively compared to her in a couple comments!


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We hope to see more of Doyeon’s gorgeous modeling work in the near future!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

Weki Meki

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