Here’s How Much K-Pop Idols Made In Japan In 2018

The figures prove how popular they really are.

K-Pop idols have made some significant achievements in Japan last year and the 2018 Oricon yearly artist total sales ranking proves this.


The Oricon total sales ranking combines CD + DVD + Blu-ray sales to come up with the “total sales” for the year.

In 2018’s list, BTS was the only K-Pop artist to rank in the top 10 following by TWICE at No.11 and TVXQ at No.16.


A total of 13 K-Pop idol groups made it on the top 10 total sales ranking.


Here is how much each K-Pop idol group made in Japan in 2018 according to the Oricon total sales ranking:

No.6 BTS – 5,270,800,000¥ ($48,248,903 USD)

No.11 TWICE – 3,718,700,000¥ ($34,040,979 USD)

No.16 TVXQ – 2,382,900,000¥ ($21,813,066 USD)

No.25 BIGBANG – 1,470,200,000¥ ($13,458,210 USD)

No.26 SHINee – 1,360,800,000¥ ($12,456,763 USD)

No.36  SEVENTEEN – 1,182,100,000¥ ($10,820,943 USD)

No.50 EXO – 771,000,000¥ ($7,057,734 USD)

No.74 Wanna One – 522,100,000¥ ($4,779,303 USD)

No.78 G-Dragon – 490,700,000¥ ($4,491,867 USD)

No.86 MONSTA X – 450,000,000¥ ($4,119,300 USD)

No.91 Kim Jaejoong – 416,300,000¥ ($3,810,810 USD)

No.96 EXO-CBX – 393,900,000¥ ($3,605,760 USD)

No.99 iKON – 368,100,000¥ ($3,369,587 USD)


The fact that groups like BTS, TWICE and TVXQ also frequently hold tours in Japan only makes these figures that much more extraordinary! Fans have been expressing their shock at how much these idols have been earning in Korea’s neighboring country.

  • “Wow, this must be why the artists are going to Japan. The scale of their earnings is on a different level.”
  • “BTS and TWICE is just wow. I’m so proud they’re Korean artists.”
  • “BTS is seriously amazing. TWICE and the other artists are also incredible. I hope they continue to grow more and more.”
  • “If you add earnings from concerts to that, the figures will be ridiculously huge.”
Source: Pann Nate