Here Are The 6 K-Pop Idols Representing The Fourth Generation Of K-Pop In A Special 2021 MAMAs Performance

They are representing the 4th-generation leaders!

Although December is known as an exciting month because of Christmas, it means something much more important for K-Pop fans: the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA

2021 has been the year that fourth-generation groups have shined and cemented their dominance both in Korea, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. On December 10, it was announced that six fourth-generation idols will collaborate for a special opening stage at the upcoming award ceremony.

Here is a look at the idols who are taking part and why they prove that fourth-generation groups are as talented as ever.

1. Yeonjun – TXT

All of TXT is known as true all-rounders in K-Pop, and there is a reason none of the members have assigned roles. Yet, Yeonjun’s reputation as the “4th generation It-Boy” and “Big Hit’s Most Legendary Trainee” makes him the perfect choice for this epic collaboration.

| @TXT_members/ Twitter

When anyone asks to describe what Yeonjun is good at, the list is endless, from singing, rapping, dancing, and acting… he is the true K-Pop performer. With his out-of-this-world charisma and on-stage presence, he will no doubt cement why all his nicknames couldn’t be more true.

| Studio Choom/ YouTube         

2. Yeji – ITZY

ITZY are no doubt queens when they step on stage, and each member has their own unique skills that make them formidable idols. It would’ve been tough to pick a member, but Yeji was chosen, and it isn’t surprising why. Since debuting, netizens and other artists have had nothing but praise for the idol.

| @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

As the group’s leader, she is also a perfect all-rounder, being classed as the group’s main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub rapper. After her outstanding Studio Choom performance, she grabs the attention of fans with her stage presence, talent, and dazzling visuals.

| Studio Choom/ YouTube         

3. Hyunjin – Stray Kids

When Stray Kids debuted in 2018, they quickly cemented themselves as true fourth-generation leaders. Hyunjin also caught the attention of fans not just for his prince-like visuals but his dancing skills which are anything but ordinary.

| @Stray_Kids/ Twitter

Hyunjin has fluid control over every movement despite being so tall and makes each step seem effortless. Even though he is counted as the group’s main dancer, Hyunjin’s rapping and vocals are no joke either and mean that he is a truly versatile performer. He will no doubt bring Stray Kids’ style to the performance.

| Studio Choom/ YouTube   

4. Karina – aespa

Aespa’s Karina has always been praised for her unique and doll-like visuals in K-Pop. However, it is easy to forget just how talented she really is and how much netizens admire her skills despite being so young.

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

Like Yeji, Karina is the group’s leader but is also the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and visual. It isn’t surprising that Karina has been chosen for the collaboration with so much talent. There is no doubt that she will showcase her elegant style, raw talent, and undeniable charisma alongside the other idols.

| SBS KPop/ YouTube

5. Wooyoung – ATEEZ

Since debuting in 2018, ATEEZ has cemented its dominance amongst K-Pop groups with its global fame. Member Wooyoung has showcased just how much of an all-rounder he is with soft vocals but powerful dancing that even earned him Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month.

| @ATEEZOfficial/ Twitter

Despite sometimes being overlooked, there is no denying that Wooyoung is one of the best and most diverse dancers able to show power but also elegance depending on the genre. He will definitely bring sexiness and charisma to the performance and is the perfect fit.

| Studio Choom/ YouTube         

6. Heeseung – ENHYPEN

Although ENHYPEN only debuted in 2020, the members have already cemented themselves as strong forces in K-Pop with their talent. In particular, Heeseung has gained much attention from netizens for his talent that comes from years of training and experience.

| @ENHYPEN_Members/ Twitter

Even though Heeseung is praised for his undeniable vocals, netizens have also pointed out just how much of an all-rounder he is. Not only can he sing, but he can rap and dance in a way that steals the attention of netizens. As the youngest idol in the performance, he will not let that faze him, and his talent will speak for itself.

| SBS KPop/ YouTube
Source: Naver