Netizens Have Mixed Feelings Over Male K-Pop Idols Having… Armpit Hair

Opinions are divided.

When it comes to beauty standards in K-Pop, discussions are more frequently about female idols and the ridiculously high standards they’re expected to meet. From their weight to their proportions to their facial features and a variety of other things, female K-Pop idols face constant scrutiny every day.

Examples of female Korean beauty standards

But it’s not just female idols that are met with criticism, and a recent post on a public forum brought up a surprisingly controversial aspect of male idol appearance: Armpit hair.

BTS’s Jimin

In the post titled “What do you think of male idols who don’t shave their armpits?”, the original author of the post shares how they can’t stand male K-Pop idols who don’t shave their armpits. They comment on NCT‘s Haechan in particular by saying, “Don’t all male idols shave their armpits these days? I personally don’t understand idols like Haechan it’s disgusting and offensive.”

NCT’s Haechan

The decision whether or not to shave one’s own body hair should be determined by the person themselves, no matter their gender, but it seems that some commentors on the post agree with the original author with comments such as:

“It looks dirty in my opinion if they don’t shave.”

“I think it looks messy. I know female idols do laser treatment on their armpit and legs but there are so few male idols who shave their arm and leg hair.”

“Gross, shave it.”

EXO’s Kai

Others, fortunately, seem to recognize that body hair is natural for most people, and that it shouldn’t be up to other people to decide whether or not someone should shave. Here are some of their comments:

“Now people are taking issue with armpit hairs? There are so many male idols who don’t shave, I really don’t think it’s anything to make a big deal like this.”

“I think it’s on their own freedom. It doesn’t matter if they shave or don’t shave. I don’t think it’s anything to ‘hate’ about.”

“I think it’s manly, why are people making this an issue?”


At the end of the day, strangers’ opinions shouldn’t determine an idol’s decision whether or not they should alter their appearances, even with something like shaving!

Source: Pann Nate