Netizens Unanimously Agree These 4 Fourth-Generation Female K-Pop Idols Are The Cutest Of The Gen

They’re all downright adorable!

There are all kinds of different aesthetics that female K-Pop idols seem to naturally own, from cute to sexy to cool to mature and many others. Some idols definitely seem more comfortable and natural with certain concepts over others, even within the same K-Pop group.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

For example, while many female idols can act cute to some degree, there are less of them that fans think are naturally cute without any effort! Recently on an online forum, fans were asked which fourth-generation female K-Pop idols best embody the cute aesthetic. While several names were mentioned, there were four that stood out more than the rest with how often they were brought up.

One of the idols mentioned the most is IVE‘s Rei.

Rei (IVE) | SBS

Despite being the main rapper of the group, the position that often goes to a more “swaggy” and hip-hop-inspired member, Rei definitely easily encapsulates the cute image without much effort.


Hanni of NewJeans is another name that came up multiple times!

Hanni (NewJeans) | SBS

Even though she’s the second-oldest member of NewJeans, fans can’t get enough of Hanni’s adorable personality that seems to come naturally to her.


LE SSERAFIM‘s maknaeEunchae, seemed to have the most comments with her name mentioned on the post!


Called the “maknae-ist maknae” by many LE SSERAFIM fans, Eunchae definitely plays the role of the group’s youngest member seriously and without a problem!


Finally, Winter of aespa was the fourth female idol who was mentioned numerous times on the post.

Winter (aespa) | SBS

Winter is often (and rightfully) praised for her beautiful visuals, but she easily leans more towards the cute side when she gets playful and silly, which seems to be a large part of her personality!


There were plenty of comments on the post that couldn’t choose just one female idol as the cutest of the fourth generation, and several of them included two or more of the four female idols mentioned above.

Who do you think is the female idol that best represents cuteness in the fourth generation of K-Pop girl groups?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa