These Three Much-Loved K-Pop Idols Ranked Highest In The February 2020 Brand Rankings

These ranks are well-deserved!

Every month, the Korean Business Research Institution reveals the idols with the top brand ranking reputations, and this month’s top ranking celebrities have been announced!

The factors involved to calculate the rankings include consumer participation, media, communication, and community indices, all of which are analyzed by the company to determine the winners. Overall, the company went through 106,880,619 pieces of data in order to calculate these results between January 13 and February 14.

And the winners of this month are none other than BTS‘s Jimin, ASTRO‘s Eunwoo, and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon!

Jimin has been leading the pack for an incredible 14 months in a row – out of 598 K-Pop group members ranked, this is an amazing feat! In a keyword analysis of his data, some of the words that show up the most are his beloved “ARMY” and new hit “Black Swan”, as well as appropriate descriptive words such as “cool” and “fever”. His brand reputation index comes in at 8,633,706 for this month of love.

This is the first month that Eunwoo has shot up to the second place spot, after an increase in his score of 18.28 percent since January.  The handsome multi-talented celebrity comes in with a total score of 6,837,239.

Long known for his fashionable style, G-Dragon also rose in the ranks to take the third place spot with a total score of 5,305,890.  Not bad for someone that just finished his enlistment not very long ago!

BTS member V comes in fourth on the list with a total score of 5,187,288, and SF9‘s Rowoon lists at fifth with a 4,711,274 score ranking.  Here are the rest of the top ten:

6. BTS’s Jungkook

7. BTS’s RM


9. BTS’S J-Hope

10. SECHSKIES’s Eun Jiwon

Congratulations to everyone that made the list!