Meet The K-Pop Leader Who Helped Her Group Beat The Infamous “7 Year Curse”

“Trust me and renew your contract”.

Many K-Pop groups have fallen victim to the “7 Year Curse”, as many groups disband when their contracts expire during their 7’th year of being a group.

Many groups have been able to beat this infamous curse, but one K-Pop group had complete faith in their leader and decided to renew their contracts with their company.

The leader in question is none other than Apink‘s Chorong!

During an episode of TMI News, the Apink members shared a few details about them renewing their contracts with then Play M Entertainment (Play M Entertainment was renamed to IST Entertainment in November 2021). When it came time to renew their contracts, Chorong wanted all the members to trust her, as she wanted everyone to renew their contracts.

The other members acknowledge how important Chorong is to Apink, as they believe they would have failed if anyone else was their leader.

Apink couldn’t help but show their tears once they started showing appreciation for their leader.

The members all have unique personalities, so it can be hard for someone to be able to control them all.

While the members may all have unique personalities, Chorong’s personality keeps the group together.

While Chorong may have looked confident in asking the members to trust her, she was quite nervous. If things had gone badly after the contract renewal, then Chorong wouldn’t have been able to look at the other members.

Everything ended up working out for Apink at the time. While the other members are appreciative of their leader, Chorong is also appreciative of the other members too.

Chorong’s goal now was for Apink to stay together and continue to make great memories as a group.

Unfortunately, Naeun decided to leave the group in April 2022.

Son Naeun Has Officially Withdrawn From Apink

Here is the full video below!