Most Male K-Pop Idols Don’t Get Veneers—Professional Dentists Explain Why

Their teeth are all-natural!

You may not think about it often, but K-Pop idols have amazing teeth. For many of them, it’s all-natural!

Recently, professional dentists Park Ho San and Esther guested on YouTube channel AYO to talk about their experience with idol clients.

Park Ho San (left) and Esther (right)

One of the questions they were asked was, “How is the health of idols’ teeth?

Park Ho San revealed that most idols are interested in their teeth and strive to take good care of them.

Idols and celebrities are very interested in their teeth. They want to take good care of them.

— Park Ho San

Esther agreed and added that their teeth are healthy. Although it may seem as if their teeth were enhanced with veneers, most actually have enviably good teeth as is!

They have good teeth! Not all idols get veneer treatment.

— Esther

Park Ho San further explained that male idols in particular choose to retain their natural teeth even if they have the option to undergo further treatments and procedures.

There’s one simple reason why they don’t get veneers. Esther concluded, “Many of them are born with pretty teeth.

It’s amazing how idols aren’t only born with incredible skills and gorgeous visuals but also beautiful teeth!

BTS’s V is famous for his “box smile”
Source: YouTube