K-Pop MV Directors Reveal Just How Dangerous It Is To Film Underwater Scenes

Here’s what they do to make sure it’s safe.

Music video scenes that are shot underwater never fail to come out magically.

Although they are undoubtedly beautiful, just how dangerous are they to film, especially considering the water-averse, high-tech equipment that are needed on set?

Kim Ji Hwan, a camera director, and Song Na Ra, an art director, recently touched on this topic in a video with YouTube channel AYO. Both professionals have worked on many K-Pop music videos throughout the years, including some from IZ*ONE, EXO, and Super Junior.

Kim Ji Hwan (left) and Song Na Ra (right) | @AYO/YouTube

Kim Ji Hwan explained that they take great care to make sure that all safety requirements are met, and that includes hiring assistants to attentively watch over the situation.

There is a studio that specializes in underwater shoots. We pay a lot of attention in order to avoid electrical shocks. There are standby assistants as well.

— Kim Ji Hwan

Knowing how risky it is, both the staff and the idols work hard to finish in one take. Kim Ji Hwan emphasized the importance of working in harmony with each other.

We try to work in harmony with idols so that we can finish in one shot. For this kind of tricky shooting, working in harmony is a must.

— Kim Ji Hwan

Overall, when done properly, filming underwater scenes is far from life-threatening—but safety is always a priority!

BTS V’s underwater shot | Big Hit Music

Meanwhile, you can watch the full episode below.

Source: AYO