Netizens Amazed By The Two K-Pop Artists Overwhelmingly Owning The Yearly MelOn Chart

They’ll probably own it even more by the end of the year!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already getting close to being halfway through 2023, but it is nearing the end of June, and summer is here! Though we still have six months left of the year, there have been some songs trending so strongly on the MelOn music charts that they already have a huge chance of being among the top 10 on the end-of-year annual charts, and the artists that overwhelmingly own the charts have people talking.

Recently on an online forum, the current top 10 of the MelOn yearly chart was shared because of how much just these two artists make up the list. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the two artists in question are girl groups NewJeans and IVE, who together take seven of the ten total spots.

NewJeans | HYBE Labels
IVE | Starship Entertainment

NewJeans is in the #1 position with “Ditto”, and also takes #2 and #3 with “Hype Boy” and “OMG” respectively. Finally, “Attention” is still in the top ten at #8!

As for IVE, they have the #5, #6, and #9 spots in the top ten with “Kitsch”, “I Am”, and “After LIKE” respectively.

The other three spots are taken by Younha (whose “Event Horizon” is at #4), LE SSERAFIM (with “ANTIFRAGILE” at #7, and Charlie Puth (whose “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” finishes the list at #10).

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the impressive overtaking of the MelOn annual chart by rookie girl groups.

With NewJeans set to have a comeback very soon, it will be interesting to see how this chart changes in the coming months!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa
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