The Rookie K-Pop Girl Group Idol Who’s Breaking Out Of Nugudom With Viral Dance Video

It’s well-deserved!

With how saturated the K-Pop industry has become, especially in terms of new girl groups, it has become increasingly difficult for artists from small labels to get the recognition they deserve. There are tons of idols in relatively unknown groups that are incredibly talented, but just lack the publicity and marketing to allow them to get recognized.

Occasionally, however, there are instances where just one post or one video can make all the difference in an artist’s popularity by going unexpectedly viral, and that happened recently for a member of girl group IRRIS!


Liv, the main dancer, rapper, and vocalist of the group, posted a video on her personal Instagram of herself dancing to “What It Is (Block Boy)” by Doechii. From the first second of the clip, her smooth movements, satisfying groove, and creative use of her jacket captivated many. Some people are even comparing her looks and skill to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and ITZY‘s Ryujin, which is a comparison anyone should be flattered by!


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She currently has 13k followers, and most of her posts have between 1.5k-2.5k likes. However, her dance video currently has over 112k likes and over a half-million views, a massive leap from her usual audience!


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And the recognition for her talent is long overdue. Liv has been in two K-Pop groups prior to IRRIS — GOOD DAY and REDSQUARE — and it’s clear that she’s been working hard to be a K-Pop idol for a long time.


IRRIS debuted on July 6, 2022 — nearly a year ago — with the song “Wanna Know”, and have released three music videos so far, with their latest being “Bye Bye”.

Here’s how people are reacting in the comments section of the video with praise for Liv’s dance skills!

We hope that Liv is able to use this viral moment to boost her own and IRRIS’s success in the K-Pop world, because they definitely deserve more recognition!

Source: Reddit