“Best K-Pop Hair Ever” — Rookie Girl Group Member Impresses Netizens And Goes Viral For Her Unique New Hairdo

We do love the look!

One of K-Pop’s most important and loved parts is the often vibrant and unique visuals artists present when releasing new music. This ranges from the creative outfits idols will wear…


…to stars sporting fake piercings…

NCT’s Renjun | SM Entertainment

…to one of the most important look variables, their hairstyle.

Many an idol has been identified by their hair color, like TXT‘s Yeonjun, who went viral as the “blue hair guy” after their 2022 Lollapalooza Chicago performance, or BTS‘s V, who had netizens asking about the “guy with the green hair” at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

TXT’s Yeonjun
BTS’s V 

Now, a fourth-generation girl group member has gone viral for what some call the most K-Pop hairstyle ever.

On February 17, 2023, after some pre-debut releases, 143 Entertainment‘s girl group LIMELIGHT debuted. Their debut album, Love & Happiness, ranked in the top ten of the Circle Chart the week it was released.


Fans were excited to learn the group would have their first comeback in early August and to see the new look the girls would sport. Each member looked beautiful in their teaser photos, including Suhye, who sported a lightly pink dip dye.

Suhye | @LimeLightSeoul/Twitter
| @LimeLightSeoul/Twitter

With the release of Madeline, the group began promotions, including music show performances. During their appearance on the August 10 edition of MCountdown, the group’s stylists seemed to have updated Suhye’s look to a much darker, more vibrant dip dye that went higher than previously.

An appreciating fan posted a screenshot of from performance, declaring her look to be the “best K-Pop hair ever.” The tweet went viral, racking thousands of likes and over a million views, many showing appreciation for her look!

While this type of look has been done before, Suhye looks adorable! You can check out their latest release below.

| @LimeLightSeoul/Twitter