Rookie K-Pop Group xikers Announces Their Official Fandom Name

Are you a part of this official fandom?

About two months after their debut on March 30, KQ Entertainment‘s new boy group, xikers, has officially announced their fandom name!

xikers | KQ Entertainment

The group had received submissions from fans with suggestions for what their name should be. Included among the names were “likers”, “roady”, “wity”, “xign”, and “xinergy”.

And earlier today during a livestream event, the fandom name for the rookie boy group has been revealed to be road𝓨!

The meaning behind the name road𝓨 is explained by xikers as being inspired by the word “hikers” from their group name, and combines the word “road” that hikers use with “y”, indicating the vertical y-axis of a graph.

Here’s how fans are reacting to their brand-new fandom name.

You can watch the entire fandom name announcement video below (the reveal happens around 17:15):

Congratulations to xikers and road𝓨 for this new development in the K-Pop group’s fandom!


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