SEVENTEEN Proves They’re Not Like Other K-Pop Groups With The Hilarious Way They Treat DK During A Trust Fall

“I could feel our strong friendship!”

Recently, the members of SEVENTEEN appeared on Glamour‘s YouTube channel for a “Friendship Test” video. And as with most things involving SEVENTEEN and variety shows, the entire episode was ridiculously entertaining!

From doing a “Who’s Who” set of questions to drawing each other and mimicking each other’s dance moves, the episode was full of laughs and hilarity.

At the end of the episode, the members were tasked with doing a trust fall with DK as the one doing the falling. And well… It turned out about as chaotic as you would expect with this group!

They did it with Seungkwan too, though he had a bit harder of a time 😂

A video was going around on Twitter showcasing the difference between how SEVENTEEN did the trust fall and how other K-Pop group did it, and the comparison is too funny!

Here’s how fans are reacting to the hilarious interaction on social media.

You can watch their whole “Friendship Test” video here!