An Unexpected K-Pop Song Makes A Hilarious Cameo In Historical K-Drama “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy,” And Netizens Can’t Get Enough

The show continues to break conventions!

One of the newest and most loved K-Dramas is the historical series Secret Royal Inspector & Joy. Since it started airing, netizens haven’t been able to get enough of the series starring 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon. Its humor and storyline have made it addictive, and it is topping ratings alongside The King’s Affection.

The promotion image for the K-Drama | tvN

The show is set in the Joseon dynasty. It follows Ra Yi Eon (Taecyeon), whose dream is to buy a small dumpling restaurant but is smart enough to work at the Office of Special Advisors, an elite course to succeed as a government officer.

He then meets a progressive woman called Kim Joy (Kim Hye Yoon) that wants to divorce her husband. The two then start working together to solve cases.

2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon | tvN

Yet, the show recently gained much attention from netizens after an unexpected and popular K-Pop song made a cameo. Although it isn’t unusual for songs to be featured, due to the historical nature of the K-Drama, viewers usually are treated to new OSTs sung by idols specifically for the show.

However, fans noticed a song that seemed out of place in the K-Drama. During one of the episodes, Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon are walking through the streets when he says, “Instead of that, stay at my house…

Suddenly, Taecyeon’s song with his group 2PM’s “My House” started playing, and it was definitely a work of genius because the music matches perfectly with the situation.

Even though the original track was released in 2015, it is still one of the most played and addictive songs in K-Pop, with fans worldwide knowing the iconic dance, no matter what age they are.

Although the song was not included in the rerun, maybe due to copyright, it didn’t stop fans from recording the clip and sharing their hilarious reactions.

It isn’t the first time the K-Drama has caught the attention of fans for its untraditional approach to a historical series. One of the cliches that K-Drama fans love the most in these kinds of shows is when the two leads kiss for the first time, and it seems all romantic.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy couldn’t have been more different. As Taecyeon is kissed in one of the episodes, he has the funniest reaction.


Not to mention when Taecyeon has almost drowned but sees his crush and tries to act cool and handsome.

It seems netizens can’t get enough of historical K-Dramas set out to break the conventions and stereotypes expected. These changes and adding humor attract a whole new audience, and viewers love it. You can watch the entire clip below.