This K-Pop Song Was Originally Made For Britney Spears

This song is definitely a bop, but at one point, it had been intended for the princess of Pop.

Image: Billboard

The track, BP Rania’s “Breathe Heavy”, was composed by Jon Asher, Melanie Fontana, and Michel Schulz who told Breathe Heavy about the song. 

“The song was originally intended as a demo for Britney Spears during Glory era.

We wanted to develop a concept that would connect with the Britney Army [her fandom name]…

In the end, Britney recorded another demo of ours.”

– Jon Asher

The song was later sold to BP Rania and was recorded in both Korean…

… and English versions on their 7th Single Album Refresh 7th!

K-Pop meets the western world once again!