The 6 K-Pop Songs That Are Apparently Already “Confirmed” To Be In The 2023 Yearly Chart’s Top 10

One is allegedly already set to be #1!

Despite only being a third of the way through 2023, K-Pop fans are predicting which songs are already “confirmed” to be in the top 10 on the annual MelOn chart due to how well they’re performing!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

As with 2022, this year seems to be yet another that confirms the rise in girl group popularity, with artists like NewJeans and IVE consistently ranking high on daily and weekly music charts and earning 100s of PAKs with their songs.

On an online forum, the topic of which songs are performing so well that they will likely end up in the top 10 of the yearly chart was discussed, with six K-Pop songs and one non-K-Pop song included on the list. Most of the songs are by K-Pop girl groups, with one by a K-Pop soloist and one by a male western artist.

NewJeans | HYBE Labels

The songs named are “Ditto”, “OMG”, and “Hype Boy” by NewJeans, “Event Horizon” by Younha, “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” by Charlie Puth, and “Kitsch” and “I Am” by IVE.

Of course, we won’t actually know which songs will make the top 10 of the yearly MelOn chart until its results are released, but many fans are convinced that these hits are well on their way to securing a spot on it. In fact, “Ditto” is thought to be the song that will earn the #1 position!

Here’s how people are reacting to this list in the comments of the forum post, with a lot of praise and happiness for the recognition that rookie girl groups are receiving lately.

It will be interesting to see if there are more releases this year that manage to surpass these songs on the charts, or if their reign will continue without competition.

Source: Pann Choa
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