9 New K-Pop Songs From Four Different Artists Just Debuted On The Billboard Song Sales Chart

Two artists have multiple new songs charting this week!

Along with ARMYs getting 2 of BTS member Suga‘s (aka Agust D‘s) solo tracks back onto the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart this week for his birthday, 9 new K-Pop songs (and 8 returning ones) also made the list this week, making the K-Pop genre dominate 19 of the 25 listings on the chart for the week of March 13!

BTS’s Suga (Agust D)

Since the songs that make it onto the chart are based on sales of international singles in the United States, it’s always impressive to see how many K-Pop songs make it onto the chart each week. The music genre has become increasingly prevalent on the list over the last several years, with some K-Pop songs spending dozens or even a hundred weeks on it!

ATEEZ’s San | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The highest-charting new K-Pop song on the Billboard list this week is “Lose” by Wonho. Coming in at #5, it’s actually one of five of the soloist’s songs to debut this week, all of which are off of his latest album Love Synonym Pt.2: Right For Us.

His next highest-ranking song is “Ain’t About You” (ft. Kiiara), placed at #18 for its debut. After that comes “Devil”, “Weneed”, and “Flash”, which rank at #22, #23, and #25 respectively. He’s had one other song, “Open Mind”, make the chart in the past, which is also still his highest-charting with a peak at #4.

Another new K-Pop song to make its debut this week ATEEZ‘s “Fireworks (I’m The One)”, which comes in at #6! The group also have another song ranking this week as well: “Take Me Home” at #16, which is also off of their latest album, ZERO: FEVER Part. 2.

“Fireworks (I’m The One)” is now tied with two other ATEEZ songs for their highest-ranking hit on the Billboard chart, with “Wonderland” and “Answer” also reaching #6 in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

iKON is the next K-Pop artist to jump onto the chart this week, with their new single “Why Why Why” coming in at #14 for its debut. This is the group’s 18th song to make it onto this Billboard list, with “Killing Me” and “I’m OK” being their top-ranking with both peaking at #2 in the past.

Finally, “Magnetic” by Rain and Jackson Wang is the last K-Pop song to join the chart this time around. The collaboration by the two iconic idols is ranked at #20 for its debut, and both have had solo songs chart in the past as well.

Congratulations to everyone that had new songs debut on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart this week!