11 New K-Pop Songs Just Debuted On The Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart — A First For One Artist

A couple of rookies made the chart this week!

Each week, the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart is updated to showcase the 25 best-selling international singles in the United States. With K-Pop consistently growing in popularity in the U.S., it’s often a dominant part of the list, and this week is no different!

There were a total of 11 new K-Pop songs that debuted on the chart for the first time this week, which is far more than usual. Not only that, but one of the songs that made its debut was the first time a K-Pop artist made it onto this chart!

The highest-ranking new K-Pop song on the chart this week is the title track from SEVENTEEN‘s latest album Attacca, “Rock With You”! It debuted at #5 for its first week on the chart, and is actually just one of six songs from the album that are charting this week.

Their next highest-ranking song this week is “To You”, which is spending its first time on the chart at #15. Next is Joshua and Vernon‘s song, “2 MINUS 1”, at #18, and right after that is “Crush” at #19.

Finally, “Imperfect Love” is ranked at #22 this week on the World Digital Song Sales chart, and “I Can’t Run Away” squeaked onto the chart at #25. SEVENTEEN’s highest-ranking song on the chart of all time is the 2016 hit “Very Nice”, which peaked at #2!

The next-highest charting artist on the list this week is rookie group KINGDOM with their new single, “Black Crown”. Ranked at #7, this is their second time making it onto this chart, with “Karma” peaking at #8 earlier this year.

NCT 127 has a couple of new songs ranked on the chart this week as well! Their highest-charting is the lead single off of their new album, “Favorite (Vampire)”, ranked at  #8 for its debut.

Their next song on the chart is “Love on the Floor”, debuting at #17, and finally they also have “Pilot” on the list for the first time ranked at #23. “Simon Says” is still their highest-ranking song as a sub-unit, peaking at #1 on the chart back in 2018!

Finally, making their debut on the chart this week is rookie girl group DreamNote with their song “Ghost”! It reached #10 for its first time on the chart, which is really impressive for such a new group.

Congratulations to all of the artists that charted this week!