14 K-Pop Songs Are On Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart This Week, And Half Are Brand New

7 new K-Pop songs debuting on the chart is a lot!

The Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart is a weekly updated music chart that lists the 25 best-selling international singles in the United States at the time it’s published. K-Pop is often a large portion of the chart each week, and this time around, nearly a third of the songs on the chart are brand new K-Pop songs!

The top-ranking new song on the Billboard chart this week is ONF‘s latest single, “Popping”. For its debut, the song is at an impressive #2 position on the chart, and is now the group’s top-ranking single for this particular list! A couple of weeks ago, their first song to make it onto the chart, “Ugly Dance”, peaked at #8.

TXT‘s most recent title track, “LO$ER=LO♡ER”, is the next highest-charting new K-Pop song for this week, ranked at #6. And it’s not their only new song makes its debut — the other new track on their repackaged album The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, “MOA Diary”, also made it onto the chart this week with a debut at #13!

Before these, they’ve had 20 other songs make it onto this particular Billboard chart, and “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” actually re-entered the chart this week at the #12 position! “Crown” is still their highest-peaking, as it reached #1 back in 2019.

Red Velvet‘s highly anticipated comeback single, “Queendom”, also made it onto the chart this week with a debut at #10! It’s their 22nd full-group song to rank on this chart, and they’ve had two reach #1: “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” in 2018, and “Psycho” in 2019.

Finally, the remaining three new K-Pop songs debuting this week are all by the same artist: ATEEZ! All three of the songs on their new single album, Season Songs (featuring Kim Jong Kook), made it onto the list: “By My Lover” at #17, “The Black Cat Nero” at #21, and “White Love” at #25!

They’ve had 13 songs rank on the chart before this week, with four of them tied for having the highest peak at #6: “Wonderland” in 2019, “Answer” in 2020, and both “Fireworks (I’m The One)” and “The Real” in 2021.

Apart from those already listed, there are 6 other K-Pop songs spending another week on the chart. Four of them belong to BTS: “Euphoria” at #8 (with 77 weeks on the chart); “My Time” at #9 (with 73 weeks on the chart); “Filter” at #14 (now at 74 weeks); and “Begin” at #16 (for its 3rd week on the chart).

Somi‘s “Dumb Dumb” spends its 3rd week on the chart at #15, down from #11 last week, and finally, BLACKPINK also has one song ranking this week with “How You Like That” coming in at #22 for its 59th week charting.

Congratulations to all of the ranking artists!