There Are 4 Brand New K-Pop Songs Ranking On Billboard’s World Charts This Week

Plus, the other 8 K-Pop songs on the chart this week!

The Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart is a weekly chart that ranks the top 25 best-selling international singles based on sales in the United States. K-Pop is steadily growing more popular in the country, and as such, there are always some spots taken up by K-Pop artists on the chart each week, and oftentimes new songs make it onto the list every week as well!

The highest-ranking new K-Pop song on the chart this week is Somi‘s newest single, “Dumb Dumb”! Not only is it the top-ranking new K-Pop song on the chart for the week of August 14 at #5, but it’s actually the top-ranked K-Pop song on the list entirely! Considering this is her first time even making it onto this chart, this is particularly impressive.

Right after Somi is Dreamcatcher with their latest title track, “BEcause”, which comes in at #6 for its debut. This is their 10th song to make it onto this particular chart, with “Odd Eye” being their current top-ranked one with a peak at #5!

Interestingly, the next song that debuted this week is ONF‘s “Ugly Dance”, which was originally released back in April of this year! It’s belated first time on the chart sees it ranked at  #8, and it’s also their first song to make it onto the chart at all!

Finally, the fourth and last new K-Pop song on the chart for this week is “After Midnight” by ASTRO. It just squeaked onto the list at #24, and is their 7th song to ever rank on this particular chart! Their highest-ranking to date is “All Night”, which peaked at #6 back in 2019.

Along with these new debuts, 8 other K-Pop songs made it onto the chart this week. As usual, BTS has the most songs on the list, with 4 in total: “Euphoria” (at #9, with 75 weeks on the chart); “My Time” (at #10, with 71 weeks on the chart); “Mic Drop” (at #14, with 156 weeks on the chart); and “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey (at #17, with 85 weeks on the chart).

BLACKPINK has one song on the list this week, with “How You Like That” ranked at #11 for its 57th week on the chart.

GOT7 member Jinyoung‘s solo song, “Dive”, is on the chart for the second week in a row, ranked at #13 and down from its #12 debut last week.

And finally, the chart wouldn’t be complete without PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” on it! With an incredible 372 weeks total spent on the Billboard chart, the song rose from #23 last week to #19 this week.

Congratulations to all of the charting artists!