K-Pop Songwriters Name The 4 Of The Best Idol Composers, Producers & Lyricists

These stars are musical geniuses.

K-Pop songwriters Cosmic Sound (Kim Kihyun) and former RaNia member Cosmic Girl (Yoo Jooyi) recently sat down with AYO on YouTube to set the record straight about composing, producing, and lyricism. While many people assume idols never write their own songs, Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Girl say that there are numerous K-Pop stars who are surprisingly talented at making music. In fact, they picked out four idols and groups who are some of the best songwriters in the industry.

1. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

One songwriter Cosmic Sound mentioned was (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon. Soyeon has been writing, composing, and producing since before she even debuted. When she starred on Unpretty Rapstar 3 at the age of 18, she co-wrote the lyrics for four songs. She later composed and produced her digital single “Jelly” in 2017.

| 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

These days, Soyeon mostly writes for her own group. Since 2018, she’s worked on the lyrics, production, and composition of almost 20 (G)I-DLE songs.

She also produces for other artists. Some of the songs in her repertoire including CLC‘s “No” and Apink Namjoo‘s upcoming single “Bird”.

| Cube Entertainment


Cosmic Girl named MAMAMOO as her favorite idol songwriters because “they have their own vivid color“. She also shared that the members, whom Cosmic Girl written for before, are very passionate and skilled at songwriting.

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

The MAMAMOO members are among some of the most-credited idols in K-Pop. Moonbyul actually has the most songwriting credits of all 3rd generation female idols (at 65 credits), since she writes her own raps in almost all of the group’s songs.

Solar has 25 credits to her name. This year, she wrote the lyrics and composition for her solo song, “Spit it Out”.

Hwasa, meanwhile, has 27 credits. The lyrics to her solo song, “María”, were praised this year for inventive and meaningful wordplay.

3. IU

IU was another singer Cosmic Sound mentioned, and she’s been writing her own songs since just two years into her career. At the age of 17, she co-wrote “Alone in the Room”, and she’s been putting her all into songwriting ever since.

While IU has written close to 50 songs from her own discography, she’s also worked on singles for other artists. Two songs by Jung Seung Hwan, for example, we co-written by IU herself: “The Snowman” and “My Christmas Wish”.

Alongside Moonbyul, she also co-worte JeA‘s “Greedyy”, released earlier this year.



And last but not least, PENTAGON‘s Hui was the only male idol Cosmic Sound praised in the video. One of K-Pop’s most prolific composers, producers, and lyricists, Hui had a hand in some of the biggest hits in recent years.

Wanna One‘s “Energetic”, for example, was co-written by Hui.

| CJ E&M

He’s also penned songs for BVNDIT, Ong Seong Wu, and Shinhwa.

| MNH Entertainment

And, of course, he’s worked on numerous PENTAGON songs. The first song he wrote for the group was “Young” in 2016 along with some of his groupmates. He also wrote some of their most well-known tracks, including “Shine”.

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Source: AYO (YouTube)
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