K-Pop Staff Caught Trying To Hook Up With Female Fans At Fansign

Male staff harassed female fans, and tried to hook up with them.

A staff member of rookie girl group LOONA has been accused stealing the private information of fans and harassing them via text. After receiving reports that some fans were privately contacted by staff members, LOONA’s agency Blockberry Creative released an official response.

“We received reports that a number of fans have had their private information leaked after the fansign event that happened at Youngpoong Bookstore on December 23rd.

​​We are currently looking into the details. If there is anyone that was directly affected, please contact us.

​​Email bbcreative@blockberrycreative.com the details of what happened to you and the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

– Blockberry Creative

The staff member apparently copied private information from fans who attended LOONA member Yves‘s fansign event and contacted them through KakaoTalk.

Staff: ​​I’m sorry are you the person who was at the fan sign a while ago?
Fan: ​​?? Yes
Staff: ​​I was the staff collecting tickets.
​​It’s just that you were so cute that I looked up your ticket and found your number. I was just wondering if you had a boyfriend.
​​I’m sorry if I surprised you.
Fan: ​​Yes I have a boyfriend~


The staff member reportedly contacted multiple fans with similar messages. So far, three fans have reported him.

Source: Dispatch