K-Pop Stans Teamed Up With TikTokers To Completely Troll and Ruin Donald Trump’s Tulsa Rally

This unexpected collaboration ruined Trump’s rally.

Current United States President Donald Trump held a rally earlier in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a crowd far smaller than he expected, thanks to K-Pop stans and TikTokers.

Donald Trump held his Tulsa rally on June 20, and according to his campaign officials, over 1 million people registered their attendance at the rally, with local officials stating that 100,000 of those registrants would be in physical attendance at the rally. Donald Trump himself also acknowledged the high volume of requests for tickets for his rally.

However, it was revealed that the majority of tickets reserved were done by a massive team of K-Pop stans and TikTokers from around the world, leading to the President believing that many people wanted to listen to him. In reality, the audience in the stadium was only around 50% full, and the overflow area outside the venue was nearly empty.

Numerous people inside the rally pointed out the low attendance as well, with the upper bowl nearly empty.

Several prominent politicians and personalities, most notably New York House of Representatives member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, voiced their appreciation for both the K-Pop community and Tiktokers who tricked Donald Trump.

Others are thanking the K-Pop community, and even asking for recommendations for K-Pop songs to listen to.

Sources state Donald Trump is working on figuring out what happened, what caused his expected massive turnout to be drastically lower than projected.

Source: CNN