Popular U.S. K-Pop Store Allegedly Fires Employees After They Demand Fair Treatment

They were allegedly mistreated prior.

While American chain stores Target and Walmart have in recent years started selling K-Pop albums, for years, fans in the U.S. have bought from a select few K-Pop stores. Unfortunately, they are now being discouraged from shopping at one.

Atlanta-based store KPOP STORE in USA, located at 5953 Buford Hwy NE Suite 101, Doraville, GA 30340, has been a favorite among K-Pop fans for a long time. It was a popular shop for not just local fans but any that traveled to Atlanta, GA, for a concert.

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You can shop not only in person but also online. Yet, some fans had reported recently experiencing serious shipping delays, not receiving their full orders, etc.


Now, they seem to understand why.

Allegedly, the employees wanted fair workers’ rights but were not receiving them. A month ago, there was also a specific incident with the youngest employee that made everyone uncomfortable. The staff later did a two-hour strike, demanding fair treatment after allegedly being ignored. A couple of weeks later, managers had a meeting, and their boss Daniel revealed that he “felt betrayed.” Yesterday, he allegedly fired all the managers instead.


Some netizens have also reported that no refunds will be provided. You would need to dispute the charges instead if necessary.


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So, K-Pop fans are discouraging everyone from shopping at KPOP STORE in USA. A former employee also reposted some of these posts via Instagram.

Yet, according to another source, only a manager was fired. Other employees allegedly chose to leave with them. According to former manager Vayr (@dejavayr on Instagram) themself, KPOP STORE in USA was already understaffed, and a few were fired and allegedly offered their jobs back.

Another netizen added their own personal experience into the equation, though. They alleged that they were fired briefly after starting their job.

You can watch Vayr’s recent live broadcast addressing the situation for more information below.

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