K-Pop Stylist Names 3 Boy Group Idols With The Best “Suit Fit”

If they weren’t idols, they could definitely be models.

When professional K-Pop stylists Kang Minsu and Kim Nayeon sat down with AYO on YouTube to reveal industry secrets, Nayeon named three male idols whose bodies look incredible in any suit.

While most female idol groups have female stylists, the inverse isn’t necessarily true for male idols. Kim Nayeon, for example, works exclusively with boy groups. In the past, she worked with AB6IX, KNK, and IZ. Now, she works with VIXX and E’LAST.

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Given that Kim Nayeon has 13 years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise she wasn’t pleased when one commenter suggested male stylists are better at styling male idols because “their understanding of fit is different“. In fact, she understands fitting so well, one of her nicknames is actually “Fit-Nayeon”.

Nayeon explained that with suits in particular, the fit can make or break a look. Even one inch too big or too small “makes a huge difference“.

Of course, the fit of a suit doesn’t just depend on the stylist. It also depends on the body build of each idol. And, according to Nayeon, there are three male idols with “extraordinary fit“.

1. Leo (VIXX)

The first idol Nayeon named is VIXX’s Leo. Fans have long said Leo’s proportions are positively model-worthy—especially his long, slender legs.

2. Ravi (VIXX)

The second idol Nayeon named is also a VIXX member—Ravi. At six feet tall, Ravi is all legs, making him look great in any suit.

3. Won Hyuk (E’LAST)

Last but not least, Nayeon says Won Hyuk from rookie group E’LAST has a great suit fit because “he’s tall and well-proportioned“.

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